Saturday, January 22, 2011

Talented Horsewoman Is On Sale

Talented Horsewoman is the first in my Leigh McRae mystery series. This book was trad published. A lot of people have commented on the title and they think it's--well, a little weird. Enquiring minds want to know why I chose that particular name for my book, so here's the scoop: Talented Horsewoman was my working title and all along I intended to find something fresh, new, and exciting that would help my baby fly off the shelves and into the hands of eager readers. Then along came a publisher. You never saw such excitement on my part--excitement that was quickly followed by a lot of hard work and a million things to do. With all of that going on, I neglected to tell the publisher I was going to use a different title and the book was published. So there you have it.  

Now here's some exciting news. The publisher of Talented Horsewoman has temporarily reduced the price from $6.99 to $2.99. This price won't last, though I have no idea when it's going back up. I'm indie publishing The Witness Wore Blood Bay, the second in the series, so for those who love horse mysteries and humor, the Leigh McRae series is for you and you might want to grab book one while it's bargain priced. The book has 19 reviews: 17 are five star and 2 are four star.

About Talented Horsewoman: Leigh McRae leads a quiet life in a small Florida town, surrounded by horse farms and alligators. For the sake of her daughter, she has traded her own happiness for job security and a truce with her ex-husband Kenneth, a poster boy for control freaks. But her peaceful existence is shattered when she discovers the body of her friend and fellow horsewoman, Rita Cameron. The police conclude Rita died in an accidental fall from a hayloft. Leigh is sure the death was a murder and she sets out to convince the police to investigate so her friend can rest in peace.

Meanwhile she has to deal with escalating demands from Kenneth, demands that may cost her her horses as well as her home. And on top of everything else, she has to help her cousin Sammi, who's dating a burglar. But Leigh doesn't let personal problems stop her from sleuthing, even though she admits she is not the world's greatest detective. While digging for evidence, she discovers a secret in Rita's past. Now Leigh and her daughter are in danger, and only Leigh's desperate actions can save them.

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  1. Very cool. I grew up with an Arabian. Horses and cats are awesome. :-)